Ziad Raphael Nassar is recognized as one of the finest wedding designers in the Middle East. Always innovative & daring to push boundaries, he never stops short of surpassing expectations. His incredible portfolio built over the last fifteen years includes an impressive array of royals & elite clients & his expertise has made him internationally sought after.

A master of creation, ZRN has a gift for understanding his clients & manifesting reality where there were only dreams, so that every ceremony is unique, every wedding is a fantastic creation & every event is a timeless piece of art.

Aiming to expand his work & internationalize it, Ziad moved back to Lebanon in 2009 & founded ONCE, providing his clients with full-fledged services for all sorts of events in the Middle East, Europe & Africa.

As a testimony for his creative design, New York publishing house, Assouline, published in 2012 “Once Weddings” as its first coffee-table book on weddings, featuring Nassar’s most prominent work.